Mid-century modern style in interior design

Mid-century modern style in interior design

This interior design style took the world by storm between the mid 1940s and the mid 1970s. The style is best known for its timelessness, cleans lines, beautiful curves and the use of different types of materials that has made it such a popular design in architecture. Due to the cyclical nature of the design world, it is not a wonder that in the first half of the 21st century, the design is making a major comeback.


The style originated in America and has its base in the Bahaus style which was popular in Germany. The catastrophic events that took place during World War II resulted in a huge exodus of designers from Europe to America where there was a huge demand for houses that led to the development of modern, minimalist and contemporary designs. This also led to the utilization of a variety of materials, textures, colors and designs that created furniture pieces of aesthetic value. However, it needs to be noted that Mid-century modern style does not only refer to furniture or architecture, but accessories and materials that were used during that era.

Features of a Mid-Century modern home

The most notable feature of this style is simplicity which showcases itself in usage of clean lines, neat finishes and beautiful subtle looks that border on minimalism.


  • To effortlessly achieve this style, go for an expressive piece of art that will be the focus of the room.
  • This style is clutter free. Go for larger pieces of furniture as opposed to small ornamental pieces.
  • Simplicity, clean lines and minimal fuss are the distinguishing features of this design.
  • For countertops and backsplashes, use marble.
  • Keep the décor simple and minimal.
  • Use contrasting colors for more impact


For more inspiration, make your way to Tylko’s guide to Mid-century modern style on (https://journal.tylko.com/mid-century-modern-style-a-timeless-classic-2/)

Tips to create Mid-century modern space


A mid-century modern home rarely features wall mounted lighting fixtures or contemporary downlights. Rather, they have hanging lights that adorn the spaces. You can incorporate different types of lamps like floor lamps, table lamps that are artistically designed to suit the theme of the home.

Mix textiles

Make your room come to life by using different types of fabrics. While you may want to use solid colors, florals and patterns to create a visual appeal, the secret to balancing textiles is using various textiles like velvet, silk, wool, jute, cotton and twill. Keep exploring until you find what works for you.