Tips on getting a dream TV stand

Tips on getting a dream TV stand

A TV stand is a must-have piece of furniture in your sitting room for secure and efficient mounting of your TV screen. It firmly holds your TV in place, preventing the risk of falling or being knocked when passing. Additionally, a TV stand offers a seamless watching experience from roughly any area in the sitting room with the best watching angle and significantly improves your sitting room’s aesthetic appeal. A few tips that are essential in the choice of a TV stand are:

The size

The primary determinant of the size of TV stand you need to buy is your TV screen. The stand needs to be wide enough to hold your TV. Typically, televisions sizes are measured diagonally, while TV stands are measured horizontally. The advantage of this is that the Tv stand will be larger than the screen when the two are of similar sizes.

It would be best if you also considered any plans of changing your TV size. If you are considering purchasing a bigger Tv screen soon, you can always buy a bigger TV stand and in the meanwhile position your current TV at the center. The size of your sitting room is also essential when considering a TV stand’s size to avoid congestion.

The type of TV stand

There are three common types of TV stands; Tv hutches, corner TV stands, and entertainment centers. The TV hutch is ideal for putting the TV in an enclosed space, making it less of a focus. The corner stand has a triangular edge that allows them to fit into the corner of the room properly. On the other hand, the entertainment centers are specially designed to render a top-notch entertainment experience. They have ample storage space for cable boxes, Blu-ray players, and video game consoles, allowing you to connect any cords from the device to the television.

Color of the TV stand

The first aspect of the general outlook of a TV stand is its color. Considering that the TV stand will not be isolated in the sitting room, the color needs to match seamlessly with the other pieces of furniture in your sitting room or any other room where the Tv screen is to be mounted. Settling on a specific color facet is a step closer to getting your dream TV stand.

Your budget

The dream TV stand needs to fall within your price range and not strain your finances. Having a set budget in mind also allows you to eliminate the highly-priced TV stands. Additionally, the prices may skyrocket depending on additional charges such as delivery fees. You can find affordable and bespoke TV stands from Tylko online store at They also offer free delivery services to all EU countries.


A New TV Stand Will Give Your Entertainment Center a Whole New Look

A New TV Stand Will Give Your Entertainment Center a Whole New Look

A corner TV rack can improve the decor of any living room. Corner TV stands are a practical way to display large screen TVs without taking up space. TV stands designed for corner TVs are specially made from durable materials that can withstand a lot of weight. A corner TV rack gives your television a more stylish and streamlined look while taking up much less room. You can use a corner TV stand to display all of your favorite TV shows, DVDs, games, music and movies.

To accomplish this ultimate protection, think of a wooden tv stand in light, pastel colors, with rounded corners. With today’s flat screens, the size of the TV platform must only be as wide as your sofa or recliner unit to be compatible with a floating TV stand or TV cabinet. Flat screens TVs are designed to sit on a flat surface and you should protect your precious TV by using shelves and cabinets. If you choose the correct TV cabinets, they will not only look elegant, but they will also blend with the rest of your living room furniture. Your TV cabinet could even be used to store other important items such as your VCR’s, DVD players, gaming consoles and other media storage devices.

You should choose the right type of stand for your television and entertainment system based on the size of your room and the amount of TV’s you have. Consider purchasing a corner TV stand to save space. L-shaped shelves are popular because they fit snug against the walls and take up little room. They offer the best storage options for small areas and make an attractive accent to the larder cabinets that usually accompany home entertainment systems. Other types of shelves are slanted, rectangular, oval and round.

You can also find TV stands that feature glass doors for an elegant, modern appearance. Some glass doors have concealed wire racks that are perfect for storing movies and music CDs. The most appealing features of glass doors are their ability to match any decor and their relative security.

A popular style of tv stand is a combination of furniture and TV’s. You may select a pedestal TV stand and place your TV on the pedestal to save floor space. Pedestals usually include a glass lift door which enables you to display your favorite movies or your favorite sports team from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Buying a new TV stand will give your entertainment center to a whole new look. You can search online for hundreds of options and visit several stores before making a decision. You can even create a shopping checklist so you can see all of your choices in one glance. Once you purchase your new TV stand, be sure to assemble it correctly and properly and store it away neatly when not in use. Your TV will look amazing when it is in its new place of furniture and you’ll be glad you purchased a new tv stand for your living room or family room.